Mandalas – A way to calm down and enjoy

Mandalas are not only for kids! They are a good option to get relaxed! If you draw them or you only color them is not important. But take your time and enjoy it! Enjoy every field you color or every line you draw. Feel it! That’s the way to get relaxed!

Here you can see some examples I’ve colored!

You all know mandalas! I know them from school when I was a kid. Teacher’s gave us mandalas to make us relax. There were soo many different mandalas to choose from! And additionally as this wouldn’t be enough there was a bunch of pencils to choose from: normal ones, metallic etc. I loved these relaxing lessons so much!

And still… If a day was hard you can either choose to do something energy consuming if you are angry or if you are only stressed a mandala can also help you out. For me it’s still an option to color a mandala for getting relaxed.