I’ve drawn a happy Link from The Legend Of Zelda – Four Swords. I’m using watercolor as a base and try to create depth using colored pencils on it. This technique I’ve seen on Instagram a lot and always wanted to try it on my own.

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    πŸ“½οΈ Video

    ✍️ Materials

    Reference: The picture is taken from the manga The Legend Of Zelda – Four Swords
    Erasable pencils: Faber-Castell Classic Colour Erasable Pencils
    Outlining 1st time: Staedtler Pigment Liner
    Eraser: Faber-Castell Dust Free
    Watercolors: Mijello Mission Gold Class
    Colored Pencils: Lyra Rembrandt-Polycolor
    Outlining 2nd time: Tombow Fudenosuke WS-BS
    Sketchbook: Daler & Rowney Fine Grain – Heavy Weight

    πŸ““ Blog


    If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this drawing. This is the 2nd time I’m training to use enough contrast when coloring.

    Since a long time I’m also using watercolor again. I know an artist from Instagram who does the base color using watercolors and then creates the depth using colored pencils over it. I wanted to try that out. ButI was not able to control the contrast of the watercolor so I’m not sure if I really benefit from that. The only good thing is that therefore the background is not empty.

    Besides the watercolor this is a quite quick drawing but I hope you enjoy it! (Sorry that I’ve written “Coloring Background” in the video even though I’m coloring everything… πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‡

    Thanks for watching and your support!

    I love you! 😘

    πŸ’– Starlene πŸ’–

    ℹ️ Additional Information

    Here you can have a look at my sketchbook.

    If you don’t know The Legend Of Zelda – Four Swords

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