BIC Visaquarelle

The BIC Visaquarelle are normal felt pens but with a brush nib. They are very gentle to the paper and nearly never hurt it also while coloring big areas. The colors are very nice ones and it’s much fun to use them. I can also recommend them for children. Mine are always empty because I love using them.
I generally prefer brush nibs over normal rounded nibs. It’s much more fun to use them and the colored area looks much more smoother than with normal felt pens.

A sample picture of Bic Visaquarelle pens.


+ brush nib
+ ventilated cap
+ Water base ink washable ink on most clothes
+ Does not dry even uncapped during 1 month
– available in 18 colors
– Not suitable for children under 36 months

=> you can get them here! Bic Kids 828964 Pinsel-Fasermaler visaquarelle mit flexibler Pinselspitze (Kartonetui 10 Stück) 10 Farben sortiert

Here you can see some drawings I’ve done using them 😀