Tracing Pad – The Magic Box For Artists

You don’t know what a tracing pad is? You’ve never seen one before? A Tracing Pad is a must have when you love drawing and crafting! Here I show you mine!

This is my tracing pad.
When I was a teenager my brother’s created it for me out of an old scanner. This year I only changed the light source to LED from IKEA and now there’s a special plastic sheet sticked to the glass, so that it’s not directly lightning in your eyes an on the other hand there’s enough light and you do not see the different colors of the light on the sheet 🙂 Because this can be easily caused by using the wrong type of sheet.
A few days ago I used lacquer spray to repaint it white, because the color was already very ugly. You can see that the color is different inside. This is the original color of the scanner ;). I like the white part more 😀