We R Memory Keepers Gift Bag Punch Board

We R Memory Keepers Gift Bag Punch Board is a very useful tool you should know! Using it you can create your own paper bags in different sizes. You can customize them by coloring or stamping on them etc.

This makes so much fun!

Like the name already says is this a board with which you can create gift bags. The board is expensive but quite easy to use and looks like higher quality. You get the board and the bone folder tool. With the board you can create bags in 3 different sizes but on their homepage they provide instructions, how to make bigger bags with the same board. The gift package looks very nice at the end and I think if it would be available for less money in austria, it would be a very nice thing. Until now it’s far too expensive.


+ Creates Gift Bags in 3 different sizes in a few simple steps
+ On the “We R Memory Keepers” homepage instructions are provided how to create bigger bags with this board
– far too expensive to get in austria