Crate Paper Color Reveal Watercolor Set – Colors where are you?

The Crate Paper Color Reveal Watercolor Set includes 36 watercolor pans and 2 brushes. The first thing I’ve recognized was that the pans are nearly empty. The colors do smell a little bit.

The colors of the pans are very vibrant. The thing is that they aren’t on the paper. It’s like the bottom of the pans would be colored and this is shining through.

I don’t know what I should think of these! It’s a big case of nothing…. Not recommendable!


  • + 36 colors included
  • + 2 brushes included
  • + do not smell
  • – nearly no color pigments in the colors
  • – nearly no color in the pan
  • – price (yes they are cheap but you pay for getting nothing to work with…)