Cretacolor Artist Studio – A great set for beginners

The Cretacolor Artist Studio is a kit which will make your heart jump! I think there’s all in it a starter would need to try different techniques! There is  little sketching set included, a set of colored pencils, a set of water soluable pencils, a kit of graphite pencils, gold&silver and also a paper stump. it’s coming in a big metal box which makes it look quite expensive. In my case they were on sale in the internet and did only cost 20 Euros each (I had to buy 2 because of this price). The only thing you would need additionally is drawing paper 🙂

Until I’ve not tried out them very much because I still have sooo many things and I’m one of these persons who only change the art supplies if I’m not satisfied with the ones I’m using or the ones I’m using are empty or lost or broken 🙂

what is included

  • 12 graphite pencils (6B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, 2xHB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H),
  • 7 sketching pencils (sepia, sanguine, white chalk and charcoal in 3 grades),
  • 1 paper stump
  • 24 watercolor pencils
  • 24 colored pencils,
  • 2 Cretacolor pencils in gold & silver
  • 2 pencils with 4-colored leads


  • + High quality supplies
  • + the nice metal box makes the set look noble
  • + the set of colored pencils do include a nice range of colors
  • + the set of water soluble do include a nice range of colors
  • – the gold and the silver pencil do smell a little bit
  • – I don’t really know what you need this 2 pencils with 4 colored leads for…

=> you can get them here!

The color sheets were done using templates from Color Charts by Yasmeen Eldahan

Here you can see art I’ve done using them 😀