Giotto Turbo Glitter – The Cheap Way To Sparkle

The Giotto Turbo Glitter are quite cheap glitter felt pens. They are really cool! They really sparkle a lot! Because the sparkle is silver, you can see it better when using blue and not as good when using orange. But it’s always there and there’s a lot of sparkle. The sparkles are very fine and therefore a lot.


+ quite cheap
+ do sparkle really nice
+ do not really smell
+ ventilated cap where you can really breath through
+ bright colors
o round nibs
o you have to store it horizontally (1nib per felt pen)
– only 8 colors available 🙁

If you need some glitter pens I think these are really cool ones to use and never a mistake!

=> you can get them here! Giotto 4258 00 Turbo Glitter Fasermaler Etui, 8-er Set, farbig sortiert