How everything began – Once Upon A Time


When I was young my parents didn’t had that much money. Therefore new art supplies were something special. If a pencil was broken there wasn’t the possibility to go to the shop next day and buy a new one – no – there was not enough money for that.

For many people it’s still a tough time and they need to hold their money together. When they are buying something they want to know if it’s worth the money or not.

When I was already an adult I was one of these persons. I earned money myself but not that much. I had to pay for my flat, my car, food etc. myself. It was a hard time for me. I am a very creative person therefore art was always part of my life. In this time I experienced that many art supplies are very expensive. I had to shop them via the internet because they were cheaper there. But there was something I didn’t understand. There was a review for nearly everything you could buy on the net, but there was nearly no useful review for art supplies. This made it hard for me to decide what to buy and what not to buy. Often I had to buy the things without knowing what to expect. Therefore there were lot of fails. I had lot of art supplies I was not happy about and which didn’t make fun at all. But I had to live with them.

I started to do detailed reviews on Amazon. I did color charts for the different supplies because for me it was always very important to see the colors. I wanted to know how different they are and how bright. I bought myself daylight light bulbs for my lamps and a light tent. With this kit I was able to do really cool pictures. I wanted to make my exprience visible so that the person could think he or she is with me. I’m also reading other art supply blogs to learn about art supplies and how to test them. After some time I think I created my own style how to do that.

At the beginning no one recognized and no one cared about that. But after some time people started recognizing my reviews. They started click this “this review was useful for me” button. This made me sooo happy! This was how the idea for this website was born!

I created my first website using webnode. That’s a website where you can create your own free website. The goal of this site was to fight against art supplies which doesn’t work at all! I wanted to help you to invest your money for things you are really happy with! I wanted to help you buying the best for your kids which fit’s to your money bag.

After some time I also started a youtube channel using a new nickname. I started to do videos about content I’m interested in and which could be helpful for you.

After some time I recognized that my website was getting to huge for the free account. Using the free account you are also not able to customize everything so it fits to your needs. That’s why I created a new one. I merged the content of my Lifthrasil website and my StarleneHoney website into one new website.

I hope you enjoy the stay on my new website!

♥ Starlene ♥