Jolly Brush’N’Paint – Not Enough Quality

The Jolly Brush’N’Paint are normal washable felt pens. But they do have a thick and a brush nib. The brush nib is really cool also when I don’t like the products of jolly. I don’t like the quality. Normally the nibs are not very good and they easily get splitted or there are hairs hanging off etc.
The brush is really cool. The other one I will never use 😉


+ felt pens
+ 1 thick and 1 brush nib
+ ventilated caps
+ washable
+ bright colors
– 12 colors available
– because they are very wet they easily hurt the paper like all jolly felt pens do

=> you can get them here! Jolly Brush´n Paint sort., 12er-Kartonetui, Filstifte, Fasermaler

Here you can see some art I’ve done using them 😀