Jolly Supersticks Metallic

The Jolly Supersticks Metallic set is an expansion set for the Jolly Supersticks. This set only includes metallic colors. These colors are very bright especially on dark paper. This set includes: silver, gold, metallic violet, metallic blue, metallic green, and metallic reddish gold.


  • + works on dark paper
  • + 3.8mm cores that are virtually unbreakable and last longer than thinner-cored pencils
  • + cores are glued the entire length of the pencil to ensure the core never comes loose.
  • + do not smell
  • o available colors: 6
  • o price


This is a template out of a coloring book I bought at KIK. I’ve colored this using Jolly Supersticks Metallic, a black felt pen and 3 other colored pencils (black to redo the outer lines, dark blue and dark brown for creating shadows)

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