Kombimaler – How many nibs can be broken?

The Kombimaler are normal felt pens I’ve bought at LIDL (I think so…).

They came in a pack of 20. All have a thin nib which is like a fineliner nib and a brush nib. In my package 5 brush nibs are broken and also some of the thin ones. They pens  also smell. The color of the caps does not fit to the resulting color. The nibs do feel good on the paper and aren’t scratchy.

As a result I can’t recommend them because the most nibs are broken! It’s also annoying if the cap color differs totally from the resulting color! I would not buy them again.

This picture shows all 20 Kombimaler felt pens.


  • + very nice colors
  • + ventilated cap
  • o 20 colors available
  • – they do smell
  • – colors do not fit to the caps color
  • – many nibs are broken
  • – can’t rebuy them easily because they are only sometimes in stock