Lyra Aqua Brush Duo – Cheap And Nice Watersoluble Marker

The Lyra Aqua Brush Duo are water-based pens with a brush and a fine round nib. You can draw something on the paper and then paint through it with a brush and a bit of water to blend the color.

Attention: the colors rose and red are not really blending. Here you can use another technique. The pens are pens filled with a kind of watercolor. Therefore take a transparent film and draw on it. Then take your brush with a little bit of water in it and absorb some of this color. You now can draw on the paper and blend the color like you want. This is also the way how to mix it or change the color intension.
There are also other markers like this available. Popular for example are the “Tombow” markers. They are much more expensive, therefore their colors are much more intensive and you can also get them with a special blender and a spray flacon.

A tip: I for example do not use a normal brush but a brush with an integrated water tank. For example the “pentel water brush”


+ one fine round nib and one pretty stable brush nib
+ the ink is water-based
+ the colors can be mixed
+ cheaper than Tombow
+ good for kids or beginners
– 24 colors available
– the different green, red and blue tones in the package do not differ very much
– rose and red colors are not blending as well as the rest
– the colors are less intensive than tombow’s
– no blender available like for tombow’s

=> you can get them here! LYRA 6521240 Aqua Brush Duo Pinselmaler, Fasermaler, farbig sortiert, 23 x 2,6 x 17,4 cm