Lyra Art Pens – A Disappointment

The Lyra Art Pens are like normal pens but it’s written that they are high quality pens. The have a slightly rounded nib. In my package with 50 markers were about 15 markers which had such a hard nib that it’s very hard to color something with them because they hurt the paper very much and therefore the colored area does not look as pretty as with other pens. The others are very smooth and I like them. What’s great is the amount of available colors but at the end I can’t really recommend them because there are other better pens available.

A sample picture of Lyra Art Pens.

=> you can get them here! LYRA 6751100 Art Pen Faserstifte, Fasermaler, farbig sortiert, 11,5 x 19 x 1,5 cm

Here you can see drawings I’ve done using them 😀