Maped Color’Peps Brush – Wonderful Brush Pens

The Maped Color’Peps Brush pens are normal felt pens but they have a brush nib. Therefore they do not hurt the paper as much as a normal felt pen if you are coloring a bigger area. They generally glide smoothly on the paper. It’s much fun to use them and they are available in very nice colors.
I generally prefer brush nibs over normal rounded nibs. It’s much more fun to use them and the colored area looks much more smoother than with normal felt pens.

A sample picture of Maped Color'Peps Brush pens.


+ brush nib
+ Washable ink on most textiles
+ cheap
– available in 20 colors
– no ventilated caps

=> you can get them here! Maped M848010 – Packung mit 10 Stück, Filzstifte Color Peps Brush