Marabu Porcelain Painters – Not the best ones

I’ve got a Marabu Porcelain Painters set which includes the colors yellow, red, blue and green.
They’ve got a rounded nib. They are covering on glass and porcellan. After 3 days of drying it should be possible to put them into the dishwasher without loosing color. In my case this didn’t work. Therefore I can’t recomment them. Also the handling is not very comfortable. You have to shake and push them to get the ink into the nib.Now you’re ready to draw. But either there’s so much ink on the nib, that it’s running through your work item or it’s to less, so you have to push again and get too much ink into the nib.


– after the dishwasher parts of the color were gone 🙁
– bad handling

=> you can get them here! Marabu 012300080 – Porcelain Painter Basic sortiert

Here you can see art I’ve done using them 😀