Pagro Felt Pens – Cheap Felt Pens For Children

Pagro felt pens are felt pens of the company “Pagro” which has shops here in austria. They sell pencils of different brands and also of their own brand. These felt pens are really, really cheap ones. Therefore they are also not high quality felt pens.

I’ve bought the biggest available pack which includes 30 colors. Because they are for children they’ve ventilated caps. Breathing in through these caps is easy but breathing out quite hard. They don’t smell. The black is not really black (it’s like a dark grey mixed with blue) but that’s normal for cheap felt pens. In my box 1 was damaged and 1 was nearly dried. The feeling on the paper is not very good, the nib is scratchy on the paper. Their colors are really bright and beautiful!


  • + 30 colors available
  • + they don’t smell
  • + ventilated caps
  • + bright colors
  • + price
  • – cheap quality
  • – scratchy nibs