Papermate Super Felt Pens – No the best on the market

The Papermate Super Felt Pens are normal felt pens and quite unknown. I had to order them at amazon to get them and try them out!



+ washable
+ very soft nibs (1nib per pen)
+ the nib makes it possible to draw a thin stroke and a thick one as well
+ water based ink
o 24 colors available (I’m not sure if there are maybe 36 available but it seems that this 36 set is only 3 times the 12 colors set..)
– quite expensive
– no ventilated cap
– do smell a little bit
– the nibs are very wet and while coloring you easily destroy the paper and it’s always getting fuzzy! That’s not a good quality!

So all in all the color range is nice but I would not recommend them because they smell and they destroy your paper! There are better pens available for the same price 🙂

 => you can get the here! Papermate Super Felt Pens

Here you can see art I’ve done using them 😀