Pelikan Colorella Star – Cheap And Nice Pens

The Pelikan Colorella Star pens are normal washable felt pens. They are very, very cheap at Müller (2.45€ for 30 pens). But they have small nibs therefore coloring a big area takes time. They do not easily hurt the paper (like jolly pens). But because the cap is closing but the cap is not really catched by the pen it’s easily getting off and the pen gets damaged.

A sample picture of different Pelikan Colorella Star pens


+ small nib (0,8mm)
+ bright colors
+ very cheap (2.45€ for 30 pens)
+ ventilated cap
+ 30 colors available
+ bright colors
+ do not smell
– do not close very good
– do not hurt the paper but the nib is still a little bit too hard (I think 😉 )

=> you can get them here! Pelikan 904854 – colorella star Fasermaler 30er Set