Posca Paint Marker – Wonderful Paint Markers

The Posca Paint Marker are water resistant markers which do smell when you open them. You have to shake and push them to get the ink into the nib. The handling is pretty ok. You only have to take care to not wipe over the already painted area until it’s dried and this takes a little bit. The positive thing is that if you make an error and the paint is dried you can correct it by drawing over this wrong area again 🙂
There are also sparkling markers, metal markers, fluorescent markers available.


– water based
– strong smell
– can be overwritten when dried
– not bleeding through or bleeding
– water resistant
– available nibs: extra fine (1mm), extra fine (0,7mm), brush, fine, medium, broad and extra-broad
– depending on the nib type a different range of colors is available
– can be used for any indoor and outdoor surface

=> you can get them here! Uni-posca PC-1M Paint Marker Pen – Extra Fine Point – Set of 12 (japan import)

Here you can see some art I’ve done using them!