Prismacolor Premier Manga Set – So Smooth

Prismacolor Premier Manga set is done by a brand everyone knows from the date of he or she got internet. They are not really common in Austria so until now I don’t know anybody who is using them. I think they are maybe known in art schools but not in common. I was so interested in these pencils because they are so hyped on youtube.

Therefore I bought myself a Prismacolor Premier Manga Set. This set includes 18 soft core pencils and 5 Verithin pencils. I already knew that they are very, very soft and waxy. And yes, they are sooo soft! I love the feeling when drawing with them on the paper. It’s so smooth!

For me I have to say they are very expensive. In america they seem to be cheaper. Maybe because they are used so much so that amazon gets better prices for them because they do sell so much. Or maybe because it’s an american brand.


Soft Core Facts

  • + High quality pencils
  • + Vibrant colors
  • + 150 colores available
  • + perfect for layering, blending and shading
  • + soft, thick cores
  • + very smooth when you draw on the paper
  • + do not really smell
  • – price

Verithin Facts

  • + High quality pencils
  • + Vibrant colors
  • + 36 colors available
  • o for outlining, detailling, lettering
  • o hard thin cores
  • o price

If you want to buy them, you can get them here!

The template for the coloring sheet is out of the book Color Charts by Yasmeen Eldahan.

Here you can see some art I’ve done using them!