Related Websites – A Collection Of Website For Art Supplies

These Related Websites I created are for all the people out in the world who also have a passion for art and crafting supplies. The first goal was to do reviews on the different supplies which may save you money when you want to buy new supplies.

I started to create reviews for the different supplies. Therefore I also developed a pattern how I can test the different supplies so they are also compareable because that’s what you need at the end. There’s not only the color sheet which you are intrested in. For kids drawing supplies you may also want to know how safe they are and if they wash off clothes. So I always asked myself what would I want to know If i would be the person who wants to buy them. What would I want to know if I buy them for myself? What would I want to know if I would buy them for my kids? That’s how I’m developing the criteria for testing.

But not only this is important. To let you get a picture of the tool, how it’s working an how it looks like I needed pictures. The things is that you are not really allowed to re-use existing pictures because of copyright etc. And I also found out that if I would re-use the existing ones, I do not get one picture style for my website because every brand has their own style how they are doing pictures of their products.

At the beginning I only created pictures to let you know what I’m talking about. Then I started to recognize that this page makes much more fun if the pictures are also a pleasure to look at. Because then you get this feeling which you normally have when you open a box of art or crafting supplies at home. The see the bright colors, you can breath in the smell and if the picture is really well done it’s nearly like you can feel this nice metal box in which they are send. That’s what I wanted to achieve by creating higher quality pictures now.

Doing it this way I hope I’m able to create articles which are a joy to look at and which are also useful for you.

If there’s something not available here or you need a second opinion here you can find links to other websites who are also doing reviews on art & craft supplies:


Art Supply Critic

Rob’s Art Supply Reviews

Craft Critique

You can also search on youtube for reviews about the products you want to purchase!

♥ Keep on drawing! – Starlene ♥