Stabilo Pen 68 – Absolutely Amazing Felt Pens

The Stabilo Pen 68 are normal felt pens but really good quality. I love mine and I already used them a lot and for years. Some day I will extend my color range. If you have children who are loving to color coloring books these are the best pens (except the children are very small because the caps are ventilated but it’s still hard to get air through it).
The colors are bright and these pens are really worth the money!


+ 40 normal colors and 6 neon colors available
+ they do not dry easily (can left opened at least for 24h without drying) (mine are about ± 17 years old and the still work)
+ you can easily color areas in a coloring book without problems and I don’t know how much ink is in this pens but they last and last and last. I still have my first package
+ beautiful colors
+ the colors do really cover the area
+ the nibs are really robust
+ really good quality
+ normal nibs (no brush)
+ ventilated caps but it#s still hard to get air through these caps. So I would not recommend them for very young ones.
o pricing is in the middle
– they say that the ink does not smell but the ink does smell and mine are already about ±17 years old

I really love bright colors! And you?

=> get them here!
STABILO Pen 68 10er Etui – Premium-Filzstift

Here you can see some drawings I’ve done using them 😀