Stabilo Power Felt Pens – No Bright Colors

The Stabilo Power Felt Pens are normal felt pens with a round nib. The nib is not very soft and not hard, so pretty normal. The handling is very good and there’s also 1 skin color provided. The nib is not hard but they still easily hurt the paper while coloring bigger areas. I also think that the colors are not as bright as the colors of other felt pens. Therefore I do not dislike them but I prefer other ones.


+ Lasts up to 5 weeks with no cap
+ Washable inks ideal for use with children
+ Push-resistant tips to prevent damage
+ Cheap
+ Available in 30 colors
– Only 1 skin color
– Normal round nib
– Colors are not as bright as other ones

=> you can get them here! STABILO power 30er Kartonetui – Filzstift