Stabio pointMax – The Perfect Felt Pen For Writing

The Stabio pointMax are like Stabilo Pen 68. But what’s the difference?

Differences between Stabilo pointMax and Stabilo Pen 68

  • their nibs are thinner. The nibs of the pointMax do a line of 0.8mm and the nibs of the pen 68 do a line of 1mm.
  • The nibs are harder then the ones of the pen68 but they feel soft on the paper.
  • Less colors available
  • The pointMax pens are meant for writing. The Pen 68 are meant for coloring.

The ink is the typical stabilo ink which has a very good quality! The colors are bright and intensive. I love the Stabilo pen 68 and I also love these ones! These ones are perfect for using them with stencils. They are perfect for using them in bullet journals. For that I only miss the pastell colors! I’m looking forward to pointMax pens in pastell colors!

This is a package of 24 Stabilo pointMax pens.


  • + Quality
  • + Ventilated caps
  • + Bright and intensive colors
  • + Last very long
  • + Price
  • o Smell a little bit
  • o 0.8mm lines
  • – 24 colors available

Here you can see drawings I’ve done using them!