Tombow ABT Marker – The High Quality Watercolor Marker

The Tombow ABT Marker are markers with a round nib and a brush nib. They are filled with pigmented water based ink which can be blended either by using the blender or by a brush and a little bit of water. You can also blend them by taking a transparent film where you draw on it and then absorb the color by either the blender or a brush with a little bit of water. On this transparent film you can also blend them easily to get the color nuance you want. For tombow a blender is available as well as a spray flacon for blending effects and other things.
The colors of the tombows are much more intensive than for example the colors of the “lyra aqua brush duo” but they are also much more expensive.


+ fine nib and nylon brush nib
+ pigmented water based ink
+ acid free
+ non bleeding
+ blendable
+ blender available
+ intensive colors
+ available in 96 colors
– expensive

=> you can get them here! Tombow ABT-6C-2 Fasermaler Dual Brush Pen mit zwei Spitzen, 6-er Set, pastellfarben