Yasutomo Pearlescent Watercolor – A Disappointment

The Yasutomo Pearlescent Watercolor Set includes 16 colors. The colors do not include that much color pigments but they are really pearlescent and shimmery! I would recommend to first do a layer of nearly identical, normal watercolor and then overlay it with this pearlescent color.

Using them without any additional color would not be possible for me because they  are not intense enough.

The colors do not smell. It seems that there’s nearly no color in the pans. It seems like it’s a big case of nearly nothing. I would not recommend them although they are very shimmery!


  • + 16 colors included
  • + Do not smell
  • + Very shimmery
  • – Price (they are cheap but because of the quality I think they are stil too expensive)
  • – There’s nearly no color in the pans
  • – Nearly no color pigments in the colors