Zenacolor Gel Pens – Genious Colors But A Mess

The Zenacolor gel pens have the most genious colors I’ve seen until now. I love them! The glittery colors are that glittery! You’ve never seen so much glitter on such a little space! The pens where lying around for nearly a year until I tried them out. I ordered them before wo moved into our house and after we have moved I never had time to work with them. Therefore I have to say it’s pretty cool that they did not fully dry in this time!

But these are the only nice things I have to say about them. I’ve ordered the 100 pens pack on amazon.

Some of the pens were damaged. The ball which is in the nib was pressed into the pencil so you were not able to see the ball any more. Therefore the gel was either not coming out any more or it was flooding my paper!

The feeling on the paper is not the best. The ball nibs feel quite scratchy on the paper!

The most annoying thing about them is that the have a little hole in their cap and also at the other end. Normally when there’s no gel yoming out you shake them a little bit and they work again. Well… when you shake these…. you can clean your room 🙂 I was cleaning for nearly an hour because the gel was coming out through the hole when I shook them. It speards through the floor, the curtains, my clothes, my snack, in my lemonade, on my desk etc. And I was nearly not able to get it off the floor – our brand new wooden floor!

At the and I can say – wonderful colors but 10 of 100 were damaged and they feel scratchy on the paper. You are also not able to shake them without any hacks.

A transparent plastic bag including 100 very colorful gel pens. The Pen itself is transparent except the cap and the lead with the ink in it.facts

  • + 100 colors available
  • + genious, bright colors
  • + the glitter pens are really glittery
  • + by going onto their webpage and entering your access code which is on the package you get a free coloring page every week
  • + price
  • + not dried after one year lying around
  • o somehow ventilated cap because of the little hole in the cap
  • o they smell a little bit
  • – you can’t shake them without messing around
  • – some nibs were damaged

Here you can have a look at drawings I’ve done using them!