Zig Calligraphy – The Modern Fountain Pen

The Zig Calligraphy calligraphy markers can replace your calligraphy fountain pen. It has two nibs: both are broad nibs but one is wider then the other one. This you can use for nice effects when writing 🙂 And if you google drawings where these markers are used you can see, that these markers are also used for coloring normal drawings 😉 And yes the colors look really good 😀


+ waterproof
+ archival quality
+ pigmented ink
+ acid free
+ lightfast
+ fade-proof
+ non bleeding
+ 48 colors available
+ bright colors available
+ good quality
o pricing is in the middle
o smells only a little bit if you hold it under your nose
– in Austria it’s hard to get colors except the ones which are included in the basic set

=> you can get them here! Kuretake ZIG Calligraphy 12 color set TC-3100/12V (japan import)