Who Is Starlene Honey – About Me

Who is Starlene Honey?

I’m a dreamer! I’m someone who didn’t want to give up dreams and still try hard to make them real! I still believe

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”

I’m born in Austria and was growing up in a little village. This village was small and had no infrastructure at all but the nature was and still is wonderful. It’s next to the lake “Attersee”, next to high mountains and there is also a river and a big forest next to it. So nearly all you can wish of. When you are going swimming into the lake and look up to the mountains you have a feeling like you would swim in a volcano.

I’ve done a HTL (technical school type which is only available in Austria) and started to work as software developer. I’m still working as such.

I also did a school for becoming a Makeup Artist in Munich. I loved this very much but I still do not have enough theoretical and/or pratical hours to start my own business in Austria. In Austria it’s not that easy!

In July 2017 my boyfriend and me bought a house. Since end of October 2017 we were living in this house. We are still renovating it. It’s a lot of work to do! But I’m looking forward to the house we want to create out of it. And by the way – the best thing is that it has a huge garden 🙂 I love this garden!

We are living here with our 2 cats. These are long-hair cats who’s names are Luna (female) and Simba (male). They are very lazy cats who are mostly lying around and sleeping. But I do love them very much and they always make me smile when they look at me!

I hope this helps you a little bit to get a picture of mine!

If you wanna know more about me, click here.

♥ Keep on drawing! – Starlene ♥