Everyone uses them but they do not get the attention they would need! I’m talking about our little friend – the pencil sharpener! You might think it doesn’t make much difference which one you are using but don’t make this mistake! I tell you why!

Already with our first set of colored pencils we get a little helper – the pencil sharpener. We never do pay much attention on it but that’s a mistake.

The sharpener already is responsible for the result you get. So it’s responsible for how robust it is and how many color of your pencil you waste. Therefore it mainly controls how much money you have to spend on new colored pencils! 😉

At the latest now you should read this article carefully because this is important information I have to share with you!

Sharpeners differ at

  • the angle with which they are sharpening
  • some have only one blade, but some have two blades, so they sharp more precisely without destroying your pencil lead
  • some of them also can handle different thicknesses of pencils. Every brand has their own pencil shapes which maybe also need a special sharpener because they do not fit into the normal one. Some of them do not really create a sharp tip and some of them do it in a way you might think you can cut paper with it ;).

Now we know that a good sharpener can change the game! But which one could be the right one?

I have some at home but not a big range so I would be able to do a review on them. But to not let you out in the rain I offer you links to pages which provide a detailed review onto sharpeners.

If one day I have enough to do my own review, I will update this article 😉

Here I offer you links to 2 useful websites I found! There you can also find pictures of how the tip looks like after sharpening 🙂

♥ Keep on drawing! – Starlene ♥

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