When you are doing art Youtube is a wonderful platform to get inspirations and to learn from! But because this platform is so huge it could also take you hours to find the good stuff. With this article, I try to save you time by showing you youtube watercolor channels which are worth to have a look at!


I love her illustrations! Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde (Iraville) has a style which is very significant because she uses a special color palette.

Also, she uses a special style on how to simplify things for easier drawing. But if you now think she is not drawing many details you’re wrong!

Her pictures are full of beautifully made details :). You can watch her drawing on youtube or have a look at her pictures on Instagram or you can buy her Artbook which is called “Cosy Days”!

I’m sure it’s worth the money!*

The Paint Academy

Here are different artist showing how to paint. They do not explain any basics but you get an idea about how the techniques do work. So these videos are maybe better if you already know the basics or if you only need an inspiration.*

The Frugal Crafter

Maybe you already know her. She is doing different stuff on her channel. In between of all the videos, there are also watercolor tutorials available.
She shows you step-by-step how to draw different things like for example sunsets. I love her tutorials and I think redoing them gives you a feeling how to use your supplies!*


This nice guy has a lot of tutorials for you. In these, he explains a lot of important things and shows how they are working. You can also watch him painting or have a look at his artbook!*


OMG! This guy paints so fantastic landscapes, you have to watch his videos! It’s fascinating because it seems like this would be the easiest thing in the world but he draws very exciting backgrounds! Check this out!*

Dê Drawings

These masterpieces are really amazing. You can’t use them as art tutorials but have a look at them and enjoy the results. You can also use them as an inspiration! Have fun watching them!*

The Video Painting

Here you can watch how watercolor paintings are done. Nothing is explained but you can have a look at the different pictures and how they are made to get an idea.*

*These videos were not done by me. You can find these videos on youtube.

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