You want try out different art supplies without searching the web for what’s available? You want to be able to see what others are creating using the same art supplies? Or you need a special gift for someone who loves art? Then you should subscribe to ScrawlrBox!

What is a Scrawlr?

That’s someone who is consuming ScrawlBoxes.

What is a ScrawlrBox?

ScrawlrBox is a monthly art supply service which is located in the UK.

What does this mean “monthly art supply service”?

This means that you can sign up for receiving an art supply box monthly. In this box there are about 6 premium items. You don’t know what will be in the box. It’s a surprise! They do guarantee that the content of the both is worth more than you pay for it.

If the box is worth more than I’m paying, how does this work?

They do buy these art supplies in huge amounts. Therefore they get special prices which are lower than the price you have to pay in the store.

I’m not sure what kind of art supplies are in the box and if this is something for me. Can I have a look at some boxes?

Yes! On the Homepage they do show you what was included in the last boxes. You can also use Youtube because many people are doing videos about unboxing their ScrawlrBox.

If I only want to try it out, do I have to subscribe?

No! You don’t have to subscribe, you can also only order 1 box for testing that out. Have a look at the “gift” option.

I’m not sure if the benefit, that I’m paying less for my art supplies is enough because I never know what I will get. So is there any other benefit?

Yes! Scrawlbox has a large community! There’s the hashtag #ScrawlrBox with which people are posting their creations. You can search for that and get inspired by other’s artworks. There’s also a #ScrawlrBoxChallenge which you can try out and check the pictures other’s uploaded to see what ideas they had!

So you are not only sitting at home alone trying out some art supplies. You can share your work with others and compare with them. You can also ask others how they created their pictures so you can reuse their techniques and work on your style. It’s like being in a huge family!

I’m not living in the UK? What now?

That’s no problem because Scrawlrbox is shipping worldwide!

And where do I find ScrawlBox?

Visit this link

This video was not done by me. It’s a video you can find on youtube.

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