I’ve tried to draw banner art which I can use for my youtube channel and also for my website. Since I need to practise digital drawing I thought this is a good project to collect experience.Since I’m a huge Zelda and Final Fantasy fan I had this idea of mixing up the Final Fantasy logo with a Zelda drawing.

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    I’m still quite new to digital drawing and need to practise to level up my skills. For not just drawing nonsense I came up with the idea of drawing myself a banner. I’m wishing for an own banner since years but was never able to do it. Now I really wanna try that.

    I love Zelda and I love Final Fantasy and both have a huge impact on me. So I thought it would fit the best to show things from these 2 games on y banner because they influenced me a lot. On the Final Fantasy logo typically a small drawing is hown behind the font which is eye-catching and delivers a special feeling to the one who’s looking at it. I wanted to do it the same dramatic way but using a scene from The Legend Of Zelda.

    Sadly according to my Instagram question I figured out that the most people do not appreciate it as much as I do. But at the end I gained a lot of knowledge and practised my skills so it was worth it. And me myself I’m proud of it doesn’t matter what others think.

    I love this piece and therefore I show it to you 😉

    I love you! 😘

    💖 Starlene 💖

    ℹī¸ Additional Information

    Here you can have a look at my sketchbook.

    If you don’t know Zelda.

    If you don’t know Final Fantasy

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