In this video I’m redrawing a picture of Link from “The Legend Of Zelda”. I have several Zelda Mangas and used one of them for this redrawing. I hope you enjoy watching me drawing into my sketchbook and subscribe to my channel!

As a hint: Once I’ve read in a book that you can better improve your drawing skills by drawing using permanent colors because then you see every failure you do. That’s why I’m never doing a sketch using pencils first.

For the ones who want to know more details

  • The picture is taken from “The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time” Part 2
  • The black pen is a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen in M
  • The grey pen is a Stabilo Pen 68 (68/96)
  • I don’t know any more which sketchbook I have but it has paper for working with water color too

Here you can have a look at my sketchbook.

Thanks for watching and I love you!

♥ Starlene ♥

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