You think you are using your colored pencils like you should? Why? Because you are using them since you were a kid? That’s no reason! Fact is that most people are using them wrong! With this article I show you how to  use colored pencils!

I don’t have to say that everyone knows colored pencils. We start using them when we are kids to fill our coloring books with life. Because they are quite cheap they are normally available at everyones home.

But rarely teachers or parents really tell us how to use them. You think you know how to use them, because you are already using them for years. But in many cases people are using them wrong. It starts with how to hold a pencil.

How to hold and control a pencil

Most of us do not really know how to hold them exactly. Holding them wrong causes pain in your hand while coloring. If also effects the result. So your lines for example look unconfident.

Here I show you a tutorial about holding and controling a pencil! *

As mentioned in the video there’s a muscle memory existing. If you train your muscles they will remember these movements and they get better and better. This is something which makes a huge difference between someone who is practising regularly and someone who only draws now and then.


It doesn’t matter if you draw with colored pencils or for example with copics. Blending is always a big topic! But blending does work different depending on what art supplies you are using. In the following video you learn 7 ways how to blend colored pencils! *

Drawing realistic fur

People often want to draw animals because they are soooo cute! But when it comes to drawing fur the most of us get frustrated after a few tries. The result has nothing to do with what a real fur looks like.

To make drawing fur more fun I show you ssome videos on how to draw fur! *

Drawing Skin

Like drawing animals this is something you normally wanna try when you start drawing. But the most of us end up fully frustrated because it doesn’t really look naturally. But hey – Drawing skin is not that easy anyway! So don’t give up if it’s not working at the beginning.

Here I show you a nice tutorial about how to get a realistic skin color! *

Drawing Hair

Drawing hair is a difficult topic as well! A beautiful woman often is defined by having wonderful hair. In Mangas and Anime the hair playes a very important role. But don’t think that’s an easy thing! Drawing hair is time consuming. But the result can be really amazing!

Here you can watch a tutorial about how to draw hair! *

There are much more topics to mention but I think this is a good base. And as you can see, you can find advices for the different topics on youtube. There you can watch somebody who has the knowledge how he or she is doing that.

And never forget: These videos are accelerated! It takes much more time to really do that! If you can’t believe it you can ask these persons. Partly they are working on their drawings for several days! So always keep this in mind before giving up!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

♥ Keep on drawing! – Starlene ♥

* these videos were not done by me. You can find these videos on youtube. 

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