This weekend I had some difficulties creating my first youtube video.

I decided to create a Youtube account. I started to play around with lightning, backgrounds and how to make my first video. I have bought myself a ring-light and 2 backgrounds as a starter kit. I tried to make some test videos using my old iPhone but I had some difficulties. Everytime when I really tried something, my cat jumped onto the desk and messed around. She, Luna, wanted to lie in front of the light on my keyboard. My pc was on and I was on my YouTube channel site to do some settings and my pc got crazy. She pressed so many buttons that I only saw Windows popping up and hiding again. Until now I do not really know what she had done but she changed a lot of things. She also has thrown my whole makup down onto the floor because she didn’t need it, therefore I also didn’t need it :).

So my first tries of doing a YouTube video ended in a mess all over my desk.

So hopefully my next tries will have a better ending 😀

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