No Christmas Mood? 10 tips to get into christmas mood

I don’t know how it’s in your country but we actually have… about 10 degrees. Therefore we do not have any snow.

The nights are cold but until now there was never the danger that it’s snowing. Therefore our streets are not even salted until now. The only thing that tells you that christmas is coming soon is the fact that the chistmas lights are already installed in every village. On the first of december they will then be turned on. And maybe that black friday was already πŸ˜‰

I really hope that we will get some snow until christmas! Normally we have a lot of snow before christmas and on the 24th we then get 25 degrees. The last 3 years it would have been better if we would have decorated palm trees, honestly!

When I was a child there was always a lot of snow on the 24th. We’ve built up a bunch of snow man in the garden and clothed them. We had a lot of fun doing so!

But nower days our winter comes later in the year. The last years it was like that, that the real winter started in january. For me it’s not really bad like that because winter time is not shorter than it was in earlier times it’s only starting later. It’s only bad for christmas day because it’s not sure that it’s white outside.

So for all of you who have the same problem like me, that you are not really getting into christmas mood!

10 tips to get into christmas mood

  1. Read books which are either about christmas or happen during winter. Then you get into the right mood and calm down
  2. Make yourself one of these winter miracle tees which are always sold at this time
  3. Drink hot chocolate with mini marshmallows in them πŸ™‚
  4. Drink “GlΓΌhwein”. If you don’t have that in your country => pinterest will help you to find a recipe πŸ˜‰
  5. Watch winter videos on youtube πŸ™‚
  6. Bake cookies! Then you house is filled with the smell of christmas and you have wondeful tasting cookies for later!
  7. Watch christmas movies! If they are romantic or full of action doesn’t matter!
  8. Visit a christmas market with friends or family
  9. Start to decorate your home for christmas. Light chains are a wonderful possibility to get into christmas mood
  10. Listen to christmas music. And no, it does not have to be “Last Christmas” πŸ˜‰

I hope that helps us all a little bit!

Youtube Channel Video Quality

As you maybe know I’ve started a youtube channel and already offered a few videos. Until now not really about art material but other stuff like makeup, crafting, me and so on.

Because I did’t know how I like this youtube stuff I first didn’t want to invest a lot of money. I thought if I maybe don’t like that it’s lost money.

I got an old IPhone from my brother. In earlier times I never understood why there was such a hype about them but since I have this little thing I don’t want to give it away any more. But that’s another story.

So I started doing my videos using this IPhone. Luckily it has a front camera so I can see myself while filmimg which really helps a lot. Even when my videos does not seem to get better for you I experienced video per video how I liked it more an more. Now I’m on this point whereΒ  I say: Ok, I want to invest some money to get better video quality.

The video “183 days by Trend It Up – The new arrivals” shows you my actual video quality.

My boyfriend has an older Fuji SLR camera which he doesn’t use any more but it’s still a brilliant camera. He told me that this can also do videos and I should use that for filming. “That’s great!”, I thought and started to unpackage that thing. But soon I realized that I have the problem not to see me any more while filming because the display was not to move.

“Grml”, I thought and talked to my boyfriend. He told me to use a computer monitor or that there are also field monitors available. But unmounting my computer monitor every time I want to do a video? => No way! And there’s also the problem that the monitor is so big that it would basically create shades everywhere :(.

Therefore I started googling for field monitors and soon I had decided for one.

The package arrived and I was fulfilled with joy. Finally it was there! Finally I can use the cool camera for filming! So we went to my video room and started to mount it. My boyfriend configured his Fuji and started the video mode – The display stayed dark…

Then he configured and configured but again and again it stayed dark.

He tried out the mode for taking pictured and – it worked! A wonder has happened. He switched back to video => darkness

Then he started to search through the web and figured out => this camera does not work with a field monitor while the camera mode is active πŸ™

So we were back at the start only with a field monitor richer…

I started to search for a Fuji because there we already have a lot of objectives. The problem is only that also the quite expensive ones can only film for a short time. Then it seems that the sensor could have overheating problems. So that’s also not really helping.

I now decided for buying a camcorder. The thing is: For taking pictures I can take his old SLR because it’s still amazing (and no, the pictures which I offered here were not taken using that). And for filming I now will have a camcorder which has then no overheating problems and offers other possibilities for outside.

I’ve decided for a Sony FDR-AX53. I didn’t want to buy a cheap one because if I then want to do something more professional in half a year I have to buy another one and sell the old one what is a huge amount of work. I’ve decided to immediatly buy a really good one to not have the need for buying another one in the next years. It’s also supporting 4K so hopefully I’m prepared for the next years.

Until now I do not have it so I can’t say anaything about it but I’m already counting the days!


Difficulties creating my first youtube video

This weekend I had some difficulties creating my first youtube video.

I decided to create a Youtube account. I started to play around with lightning, backgrounds and how to make my first video. I have bought myself a ring-light and 2 backgrounds as a starter kit. I tried to make some test videos using my old iPhone but I had some difficulties. Everytime when I really tried something, my cat jumped onto the desk and messed around. She, Luna, wanted to lie in front of the light on my keyboard. My pc was on and I was on my YouTube channel site to do some settings and my pc got crazy. She pressed so many buttons that I only saw Windows popping up and hiding again. Until now I do not really know what she had done but she changed a lot of things. She also has thrown my whole makup down onto the floor because she didn’t need it, therefore I also didn’t need it :).

So my first tries of doing a YouTube video ended in a mess all over my desk.

So hopefully my next tries will have a better ending πŸ˜€