As you maybe know I’ve started a youtube channel and already offered a few videos. Until now not really about art material but other stuff like makeup, crafting, me and so on.

Because I did’t know how I like this youtube stuff I first didn’t want to invest a lot of money. I thought if I maybe don’t like that it’s lost money.

I got an old IPhone from my brother. In earlier times I never understood why there was such a hype about them but since I have this little thing I don’t want to give it away any more. But that’s another story.

So I started doing my videos using this IPhone. Luckily it has a front camera so I can see myself while filmimg which really helps a lot. Even when my videos does not seem to get better for you I experienced video per video how I liked it more an more. Now I’m on this point where  I say: Ok, I want to invest some money to get better video quality.

The video “183 days by Trend It Up – The new arrivals” shows you my actual video quality.

My boyfriend has an older Fuji SLR camera which he doesn’t use any more but it’s still a brilliant camera. He told me that this can also do videos and I should use that for filming. “That’s great!”, I thought and started to unpackage that thing. But soon I realized that I have the problem not to see me any more while filming because the display was not to move.

“Grml”, I thought and talked to my boyfriend. He told me to use a computer monitor or that there are also field monitors available. But unmounting my computer monitor every time I want to do a video? => No way! And there’s also the problem that the monitor is so big that it would basically create shades everywhere :(.

Therefore I started googling for field monitors and soon I had decided for one.

The package arrived and I was fulfilled with joy. Finally it was there! Finally I can use the cool camera for filming! So we went to my video room and started to mount it. My boyfriend configured his Fuji and started the video mode – The display stayed dark…

Then he configured and configured but again and again it stayed dark.

He tried out the mode for taking pictured and – it worked! A wonder has happened. He switched back to video => darkness

Then he started to search through the web and figured out => this camera does not work with a field monitor while the camera mode is active 🙁

So we were back at the start only with a field monitor richer…

I started to search for a Fuji because there we already have a lot of objectives. The problem is only that also the quite expensive ones can only film for a short time. Then it seems that the sensor could have overheating problems. So that’s also not really helping.

I now decided for buying a camcorder. The thing is: For taking pictures I can take his old SLR because it’s still amazing (and no, the pictures which I offered here were not taken using that). And for filming I now will have a camcorder which has then no overheating problems and offers other possibilities for outside.

I’ve decided for a Sony FDR-AX53. I didn’t want to buy a cheap one because if I then want to do something more professional in half a year I have to buy another one and sell the old one what is a huge amount of work. I’ve decided to immediatly buy a really good one to not have the need for buying another one in the next years. It’s also supporting 4K so hopefully I’m prepared for the next years.

Until now I do not have it so I can’t say anaything about it but I’m already counting the days!


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